Our Affiliations

    We’re glad to be associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, The Missouri Baptist Convention and Grand Crossings Baptist Association because we think there is real value in being formally connected to a larger group of Christians.We believe that is the model we see in the New Testament (see, for example, Acts 15). Being a part of a denomination provides SC3 with accountability, encouragement, and opportunities to minister together with like-minded churches in our county, state and around the world. 

      Having said that, we realize some people may have a negative perception of denominations in general and Southern Baptists in particular. You might associate denominations with pettiness and division. You might associate "Southern Baptists" with a lot of rules and harshness rather than the love of Jesus. Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence to support that claim. 

     That’s why as a church we are going to do our best to follow Jesus. We won't all agree on everything the Bible says, but we can focus on the things we do believe and look to the Bible to show us what God wants us to be like. In this way, we hope to avoid unnecessary controversies. We are going to do our best to be as much like Jesus in our teaching and our interaction with others as we can be. 

      SC3 was started as a ministry of First Baptist Church in Fulton, Mo and funded by generous gifts from that church and others in our area. Our Pastor, Martin Stukenborg, is a member of the pastoral team at First Baptist and Pastors SC3 part time at this point.